WWE superstar Cody Rhodes wishes to fight against The Bloodline’s enemy

WWE superstar Cody Rhodes wishes to fight against The Bloodline's enemy
Cody Rhodes will lock horns with Roman Reigns in the WrestleMania 39 in April, this year. The high-octane contest will see Reigns defend his title of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion against the American Nightmare.

Ever since the bout between Cody and Reigns has been announced by WWE, the American Nightmare has joined the list of enemies of The Bloodline with Reigns at the helm as its leader.

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As per several fans, Sami Zayn is currently the biggest rival for the Bloodline. Zayn had lost the historic bout against Reigns in the 2023 Elimination Chamber recently. Before the bout, Zayn and Cody had an interaction on Monday Night RAW where the American Nightmare had encouraged him to finish off Reigns. In an interview with Out Of Character on episode 98 recently, Cody revealed what he thought of Zayn.

“As we stood there, I thought, ‘well, I’d love to wrestle this guy. I would love to wrestle this guy’ because, you know, Sami wasn’t sweating me when I was Stardust and rightfully so, he didn’t need to. He was coming up from NXT and on a roll. It’s a different person now. So, very much it’s a match that I look forward to when and if it ever happens with somebody like a Sami Zayn. He’s a next-level performer and he’s even in more of an elite next-level human being,” said Cody.

Interestingly, Cody saved Zayn while he was being beaten by the Bloodline members namely the Usos and Solo Sikoa, on last Monday’s RAW. Cody’s timely intervention caused the gang to retreat after Jey Uso betrayed Zayn and joined forces with the rest in slamming the former Honorary Uce.

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