WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades and Sales from April 10, 2023

WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades and Sales from April 10, 2023
WWE Raw advertised Cody Rhodes open challenge to Brock Lesnar and the title bout of WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, the duo Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus defended the belt against Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. But things didn’t go as planned.

Image Credit: WWE
Image Credit: WWE

Stratus Lita’s place only to get pinned by Liv, crowning as New Women’s Tag Team Champions.

WWE Raw slowly losing their viewership because the management pushing wrestlers as a heel rather than a player.

Last Monday’s WWE Raw broadcast achieved only 1.818 million viewers over three hours.

Results on April 10

· Finn Balor def. Rey Mysterio

· Raquel Rodriguez and Trish Stratus def. Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch

· Bronson Reed and Brock Lesnar battle to a Double Countout

· The Usos def. Alpha Academy

· Iyo Sky def. Michin and Piper Niven

· Solo Sikoa def. Kevin Owens

Viewership for Last week and April 10

· April 10, 2023- 1.818 million (-442000)

· April 3, 2023- 2.260 million

Ticket Distribution

WWE Raw sold 10, 365 tickets

Winner and Grades

· Finn Balor def. Rey Mysterio Grade: B

Finn Balor defended the belt even after having his head split open. He deserves the win.

· Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan def. Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus Grade: C

Stratus was rolled up and pinned by Liv. There is no way the duo aren’t spinning off into a dispute.

· Bobby Lashley and Bronson Reed faceoff for a Double count out Grade: A-

Brobby went for a hurt lock but Reed was too wide open, he delivered a spinebuster to the Australian wrestler, lifting him like a child. Reed and Bobby both fought outside the ring and Ref. has to count out both. The Crowd went crazy to upset.

· Cody Rhodes Promo, challenges Brock Lesnar Grade: A-

Cody came out to give a promo about his defeat at WrestleMania. He then expressed his wish to fight Brock. He also admitted that he was scared of Brock but still wanted a faceoff.

· The Usos def. The Alpha Academy Grade: A

Slow start but crisp action. The Usos laments as a most furious tag team. Otis had a good run but Jimmy and Jey duo made it to the top after hitting Gabble with 1D.

· Iyo Sky def Piper Niven and Mia Yim Grade: C+.

Sky pocket the match by pinning Yim followed by a moonsault that hit both Yim and Niven.

· Solo Siko def. Kevin Owens Grade: B

Solo Sikoa listed another victory to his name Kevin’s knee hurled back.

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