WNBA Announces League Will Play a Record 40 Games Next Year

WNBA Announces League Will Play a Record 40 Games Next Year

As the WNBA’s All-Star weekend closes, League commissioner Cathy Engelbert announced that the WNBA would be extending its regular-season schedule.

Next season, League franchises will play a record 40 games and provide players with charter flights for the Finals. The WNBA has played 36 games up until now. Engelbert also said that the League would look to increase the postseason bonus pools of money by up to 50 percent, which is estimated to be worth half a million dollars.

According to Shannon Ryan of The Athletic, the WNBA is increasing its regular-season schedule to allow for more games since there isn’t a FIBA wild championship or Olympic tournament that’ll compete against the League. The aforementioned competitions caused disruptions and forced the WNBA to play in a shorter window to fit games in. The WNBA’s collective bargaining agreement allows the League to schedule up to 44 games.

For much of the last few years, players have frequently rallied against the lack of charter flights and the travel inconveniences of flying on commercial flights. The current CBA prohibits charter flights to prevent teams with more money from having an unfair competitive and travel advantage. The League’s change to charter flights will allow players to enjoy some of the same amenities their brethren enjoy in the men’s NBA.

According to Ryan, Engelbert said that the WNBA would look at allowing more playoff charter flights depending on the series and the distance between arenas.

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