Watch: Viral video of Roman Reigns’ ‘goofy’ manager’s attack on Kevin Owens

Watch: Viral video of Roman Reigns' ‘goofy’ manager's attack on Kevin Owens
The 2023 Elimination Chamber match between Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn got concluded with much fanfare on Saturday night in Montreal, Canada. The Tribal Chief retained his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship title and continued his streak of over 900 days while holding the honour.

In a dramatic turn of events, Kevin Owens marked his appearance in the arena after Zayn got defeated at the hands of Reign. While the Bloodline leader was having a go at Zayn even after securing victory, Owens made a quick entry and started bombarding Reigns with punches all over his face and then got him unconscious for few seconds with a stunner. Owens seemingly returned the favour for Zayn who had severed ties with the Bloodline by refusing to follow Tribal Chief’s command of beating him(Owens) with a steel chair during the 2023 Royal Rumble.

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After brutally beating Reigns, Owens wanted to hit him with a steel chair too but The Tribal Chief’s manager Paul Heyman slid under the ropes and came to the rescue. In an amusing moment for the fans, Heyman landed a few fist punches on Owens’ back in order to stop him from hitting Reigns any further. Heyman’s plans worked but not before Owens downed him with a stunner. A video of the daring but hilarious act by Heyman went viral on social media.

Watch the video here:

In the post-match press conference, Zayn reflected on the historic bout and highlighted how the hype and response to the match had raised the bar in WWE. He also emphasised the greatness of The Bloodline story and how much the people were loving it and predicted it to last in the memory of fans for a long number of years.

“The bar has been raised and being good is not good enough anymore. The harder thing to do in the age of content is to do something memorable. Something that people are gonna remember never mind in a week or two. That’s hard enough sometimes on its own but now i think with this bloodline thing, if i may be so bold, just to toot my own horn and our own horn for everybody in front of the camera, behind the camera and the performers who are executing this. I think we’ve walked away from the story and it’s not even done, with so many memorable segments, Tv segments that people will remember five, ten years down the road,” said Zayn.

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