This Utah-Based Vintage Store has Catching the Attention of NBA Players

This Utah-Based Vintage Store has Catching the Attention of NBA Players

About 40 minutes south of where Lauri Markkanen, Jordan Clarkson and Collin Sexton star on a nightly basis at Vivint Arena, and just steps from where Jimmer Fredette had all of college hoops in a frenzy over a decade ago at BYU, sits a small storefront called Thifthood. The shop has become a popular spot for hoop aficionados looking to get their fix of ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s vintage clothes, specifically old-school Utah Jazz-themed joints for the locals (among other teams and sports). 

Its name is a nod to the neighbor-y, community-driven aura it provides visitors—a time travel-like, nostalgic experience from the moment they enter. 

The Provo spot has already drawn plenty of high-profile names, including Clarkson, Sexton, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Royce O’Neale, to name a few. Clarkson randomly messaged them one day on social media and has been a loyal customer ever since. He recently scooped up a rare Jeff Hamilton All-Star Weekend jacket. 

“Thrifthood actually all happened by mistake. Myself and Alby [Alan Bostrom], the other co-owner…we were just friends who loved to get together, like, to do game night hosting, whatever, for fun with our friends,” says Krysten “Sissy” McDade of how it all originated. “And we also love fashion and somehow stumbled upon getting fits together and reselling and all these things. And it literally was just supposed to be for fun, and suddenly we’re like, Let’s just sell and see if we can make money to shoot ourselves a new pair of shoes, to whatever we wanted, really. And literally since that day in 2018 when we started, we never stopped, and so we actually sold out of a basement for seven months.”

After seven months of that basement, Thrifthood made the transition to a storefront, and like the  saying goes, the rest was indeed history. 

“The day that we opened the storefront, we had $22 in our business bank account, and we were like, This better work, let’s just make sure we can pay for rent month to month,’” says Sissy, who also credits partner Aaron and store manager Warren for the success. “And then slowly but surely our team started coming together.”   

It more than just came together; it’s now high on the to-do list of every hoops fan visiting the state this All-Star Weekend. 

Photos via Thrifthood.

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