Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi Set to Make NBA 2K23

Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi Set to Make NBA 2K23

Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi have reached another historic feat after NBA 2K announced the two WNBA legends would grace the cover of the WNBA Edition of NBA 2K23.

Taurasi and Bird embark on this moment together as they did back in college when they won the national title for Connecticut in 2002. From college to the WNBA, they both have had legendary careers. 

Taurasi is a ten-time All-Star and the WNBA’S all-time leading scorer. Bird is a 12-time All-Star and has won four WNBA championships. 

These two future H alls of Famers will be the second WNBA athletes to grace the cover in NBA 2K history. The first WNBA athlete on the cover was Chicago Sky’s Candace Parker on NBA 2K22. 

“It really is an incredible feeling to see your hard work memorialized on the cover of a game like NBA 2K23,” Taurasi expressed. “There are so many kids that dream of pursuing a professional basketball career, and they can now also dream of being on the NBA 2K cover, whether they want to play in the NBA or WNBA.”

Along with showing future hoopers that anything is possible, Bird and Taurasi have partnered with 2K Games to help kids around the country begin their journey. The two pledge $100,000 to Every Kid Sports, a national nonprofit that helps children play recreational youth sports, allowing kids the opportunity to join youth basketball programs across the country. The donation will also cover registration fees for low-income families. 

“I’m honored to be on the cover and even more honored to use my legacy to provide these opportunities for the next generation.” Bird explained. 

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