‘Situation forced me..’: Ex-WWE star reveals reason for leaving the company

‘Situation forced me..’: Ex-WWE star reveals reason for leaving the company
Trinity Fatu (earlier name Naomi) has revealed the reasons due to which she left WWE last year. She later joined Impact after marking her last appearance in WWE in May, 2022.

Trinity Fatu(Twitter)
Trinity Fatu(Twitter)

In an interaction with Dave LaGreca, Mickie James & Tommy Dreamer on Sirius XM’s Busted Open, Trinity shared why she chose to join Impact. She went on to call her exit from WWE as a blessing in disguise.

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“I chose and wanted to be at Impact. The doors are open for me everywhere, literally everywhere — but I truly feel like Impact is the best choice for me at this point in my life right now with what I want to do and to just be able to work with the talent there I feel that is where I’ll be happiest, and most utilized, and really get to grow in the ways that I feel that I need to right now on this wrestling journey,” said Trinity

“Had all of this stuff never happened, there’s no way that I would have taken that leap but the situation kind of forced me to figure it out. That’s what I meant when I said everything was a blessing in disguise because I was really going through a lot, and just felt very stagnant and I wasn’t happy,” she added.

Trinity further revealed the reasons due to which she was forced to leave WWE. She highlighted that the negativity and rumour-mongering in WWE took a toll on her. She also disclosed that she was talked to improperly on the day she left.

“Ultimately, I left that day because of the way I was talked to and handled. Everything kind of just broke me that day. It had nothing to do with anything else, anybody else. That was just it. I had to,” said Trinity.

“To go through all the backlash, and the negativity, and the lies and the rumors and then to also kind of just feel lost, it broke me. It was probably the lowest I’ve ever felt in my life. But going through that made me reset and face it head on and figure out how to learn from this experience, grow from it, and just find myself again in all of it. I’m extremely happy now and really thankful for this opportunity to show that you haven’t seen me at my best yet,” she added.

During her WWE career, Trinity was a former two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, one-time FCW Women’s Champion, and winner of WWE Women’s Tag Team titles once along with Sasha Banks.

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