Sami Zayn’s two-word reaction to kissing his wife during Elimination Chamber

Sami Zayn's two-word reaction to kissing his wife during Elimination Chamber

Written by Adarsh Kumar Gupta

Sami Zayn lost to Roman Reigns in the much-hyped 2023 WWE Elimination Chamber match in Montreal, Canada on Saturday last week. With the win, Reigns fulfilled his vow of defeating the Master Strategist in front of his family and home crowd. The Tribal Chief thus continued his streak of having the Universal Championship title for more than 900 days now having won it in 2020.

During the bout against Reigns, Zayn was being cheered on by his wife. And at one moment, the former Honorary Uce kissed his wife after throwing Reigns into the ring. It was very remarkable moment in the match and Zayn reminisced it with an Instagram story on Tuesday. Sharing the video of the incredible moment, Zayn titled it “La Passion”.

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Sami Zayn's Instagram post(Twitter)
Sami Zayn’s Instagram post(Twitter)

The high-voltage match between Reigns and Zayn had taken place after the former Honorary Uce had severed ties with the Bloodline by defying The Tribal Chief. Zayn had betrayed Reigns by refusing to beat Owens with a steel chair during the Royal Rumble 2023 match. Instead, the former Bloodline member had thrashed Reigns with the same chair prompting The Bloodline members to unite in wreaking their wrath on Zayn.

Just one day before the match, Zayn was warmly welcomed by fans during his appearance on SmackDown. The former Honorary Uce had received a hero’s welcome which involved a standing ovation. After his loss, Zayn had acknowledged the tremendous crowd support that he received.

“I think we’ve walked away from this story, and it’s not even done, with so many memorable segments, TV segments, that people will remember 5-10 years down the road. And I think, I hope, that Montreal ovation is one of those because it’s not everyday you see a performer just stand in the ring for, I think somebody timed it, it was like five minutes and 22 seconds or something, and it was actually, there’s a Quebec historian in here somewhere called Pat Laprade, and he actually, he’s a Quebec guy. In the history of the Bell Centre, it’s the longest ovation in the history of this building,” said Zayn.

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