Rifts resurface as Jey Uso distances himself from Sami Zayn vs Jimmy Uso brawl

Rifts resurface as Jey Uso distances himself from Sami Zayn vs Jimmy Uso brawl
The latest episode of SmackDown saw The Bloodline pitted against Sami Zayn one more time. Jimmy Uso and the Master Strategist had a brief fight on the show. However, during their encounter rifts within the Bloodline emerged strongly as Jey Uso despite marking his appearance didn’t join his twin in slamming Zayn. Meanwhile, Solo Sikoa also appeared during the fight between Jimmy and Zayn but upon seeing the Enforcer of the Bloodline, Zayn made a hasty exit from the arena.

Before Jimmy and Zayn fought on Friday night, the Master Strategist had an emotional exchange with his opponent in which he urged the Bloodline member to sever ties with the group. Zayn went on to term the group as a ‘sinking ship’ and tried to convince Jimmy about the manipulations being done by Roman Reigns.

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“Family does not manipulate you the way Roman Reigns did to me, and the way he has done to your twin. That’s what he did to you for years,” Zayn told Jimmy.

At this moment, Jey appeared in the nosebleeds section of the arena and Zayn continued his speech.

“The Bloodline is not about Roman Reigns. I am going to make sure The Bloodline comes crumbling down — but there’s a way out for you. Just like I told Jey, there’s a way out for you. You don’t have to go down with the ship. I’m looking into your eyes and I know you know that’s the truth,” said Zayn.

In the brief brawl, Jimmy took a cheap shot on Zayn while the former Intercontinental champion struck him with his signature Helluva Kick. Meanwhile, Jey kept watching the scenes unfold from the sidelines without joining either of the sides. This entire episode has reinforced fans’ speculations that something is brewing in the Bloodline story but they are also expecting a dramatic twist.

There are huge speculations that the Uso brothers might eventually team up for defending their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion title against Kevin Owens and Zayn at WrestleMania39.

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