REPORT: Nets Prefers to Keep Kevin Durant in Brooklyn

REPORT: Nets Prefers to Keep Kevin Durant in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Nets reportedly prefer keeping Kevin Durant on the roster because the front office hasn’t received satisfactory trade offers as of Friday, per Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

“As for Kevin Durant, here’s what there is: nothing. There is no movement here. The executives are leaving Summer League. The executives are going on vacation. At this point, the Nets’ preferred situation is for Kevin Durant to stay with them. There is no trade they’ve got that they like.

“A huge question and what the league is in some ways waiting for is what does Durant feel? He’s the one who asked for the trade. Have his feelings changed with some of the avenues for trades dimming?”

Durant made his trade request public a few weeks ago through his business manager Rich Kleiman after the front office Kyrie Irving couldn’t come to terms with a long-term deal. Durant’s preferred trade requests are reportedly Miami and Phoenix.

However, the Nets are looking to receive the house in exchange for Durant’s services. A number of teams have extended substantial offers that include multiple draft picks, but most of them weren’t enticing enough for Brooklyn to bite on.

Brooklyn appears to have the leverage since Durant has four years remaining on his contract. It’s doubtful that Durant would waste a season of his prime and sit out before he gets traded. It seems to be more like a standoff between the two parties as the offseason goes by. Going to Phoenix seems out of the question after they retained restricted free agent Deandre Ayton.

Durant’s best remaining option would be Miami, but Pat Riely would likely have to give up a talent like Bam Adebayo or Tyler Herro to make it happen, along with several draft picks.

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