‘Paolo Banchero, I think, is one of them ones.’ / SLAM

'Paolo Banchero, I think, is one of them ones.' / SLAM

Paolo Banchero, though his Summer League stint was short-lived, has received some high praise from established NBA names since his inception into the League.

Draymond Green has some usually loud opinions but brought praise upon the Magic’s number one pick via his podcast, ‘The Draymond Green Show.’

“The reason I think Paolo is one of them guys is because of the things that he did on the basketball court that were not scoring. Yes, he did all the things with the basketball, yes, he made the plays, but the plays that he made that did not involve him having the basketball is why I think Paolo is going to be one of them guys.”

In Banchero’s first Summer League game, he posted a line of 17 points, six dimes, and four boards.

Then he had a 23-point masterpiece in which he made the game-winning assist before Coach Jamahl Mosley made the executive decision to shut P5 down for the remainder of the Las Vegas Summer League.

The two games he played were enough for the Magic to know what type of player they were getting.

“I hope that organization is ready for that player because that player is a winner, that player, he cares. I mean, he was out there playing in Summer League games like he was playing in the NBA Finals, with that type of intensity,” Green continued. “That is a winner right before your eyes, and I hope that that organization is ready for that player.”

Paolo Banchero’s regular season debut against the real NBA comes in October, a date Orlando and Duke fans have circled on their calendars.

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