Liv Morgan’s video with WWE executive during NBA game triggers meme-fest

Liv Morgan's video with WWE executive during NBA game triggers meme-fest
Charlotte Hornets surpassed New York Knicks by 112-105 on Tuesday night in Madison Square Garden in New York City. It was a come from behind victory for the Hornets as they were lagging behind till the third round but turned the tables in the fourth round to win.

In the match, WWE wrestler Liv Morgan grabbed eyeballs as she appeared to promote the company’s upcoming live event on Sunday at the venue. While she attended the NBA match, a man who turned out to be WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events Justin Scalise, was seen interacting with her. A fan account of New York Knicks tweeted a video of the moment and took a light hearted dig at Scalise.

“She definitely didn’t hear one word you just said bro,” tweeted KnicksNation.

The video tweet quickly went viral on social media, it led to many memes and jokes. Several WWE celebrities also joined the meme-fest.

Wrestler Gregory Shane Helms who is known as Hurricane Helms in WWE, tweeted a meme and wrote “Yo @YaOnlyLivvOnce I get it”.

“May these Liv Morgan meme’s live forever,” tweeted one user.

“”So if you’ll just invest with me & my team, I can guarantee that I’ll double, no triple your money,” joked one fan.

“Liv was 2 seconds away from asking for another seat,” joked one fan.

“Shes definitely thinking about plans after the game and they dont include him,” wrote another fan.

Morgan responded to the meme-fest triggered by their viral video and said ” He was explaining something to me and I was watching the game. And I was like listening but I was also kind of keeping my head, thinking my thoughts. I was just so unaware that this was being filmed and so my phone was just like blewing up. Just see this footage and I was like, I am so sorry, he’s been such a great sport about it. But yeah, I don’t know, it’s the most bizzare weirdest thing but I am… let’s say I was ignoring him”.

Seemingly acknowledging the memes, Morgan tweeted “Y’ALL” followed by a laughing emoji.

Road to WrestleMania SuperShow is set to take place in Madison Square Garden, New York on Sunday, March 12.

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