‘Little oxygen depletion going…’: The Undertaker remembers fights with his rival

‘Little oxygen depletion going…’: The Undertaker remembers fights with his rival
At one point, The Undertaker was to WWE what Sachin Tendulkar was to cricket or what Muhammad Ali was to boxing. The legendary wrestler achieved superstardom during his illustrious career, surpassed the biggest names in the game and created a legacy which very few have ever achieved. His undefeated streak of 21 wins in WrestleMania remains the stuff of legends

On Saturday, the Undertaker participated in an interaction with Boxing superstar Mike Tyson on the latter’s YouTube channel “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson“. In the show, the Undertaker shared amazing aspects of The Ultimate Warrior who was a superstar wrestler in WWF (old name of WWE). The Ultimate Warrior’s entrance theme involved him rushing to the ring and showcasing tremendous energy while acknowledging the crowd support.

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During the interaction, Tyson asked the Undertaker if Warrior would fight with other wrestlers backstage.

“No, no. I wrestled Warrior quite a bit when I first came up [to WWE]. Warrior was so high strung, he’d always run down to the ring full speed, bouncing around, but the thing was, after he did that he was gassed. He was blown up. He couldn’t hardly breathe,” said the Undertaker

“He (The Ultimate Warrior) was good for about 10 minutes and then you didn’t know what you were gonna get. He was turning purple. There was a little oxygen depletion going on there. He was so big and strong,” revealed the Undertaker.

WWE fans do know that the bouts in the ring are not all about power and aggresssion but also about intelligence and shrewdness. On the show, the Deadman also shared how he dealt with his former rival cleverly and would tire him out during their duels.

“Every once in a while, I’d wanna mess with him. Jim (Jim Hellwig, Warrior’s real name) would go through all of his stuff. He’d hit me, I’d just keep coming. He could hardly breathe. Finally, he was like, ‘Mark, come on. Are you gonna sell anything tonight?’ I’m like, ‘All right, Jim, all right, come on, let’s do this.’ He couldn’t get it out. He was so out of breath,” disclosed the Undertaker.

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