Kevin Owens ends Solo Sikoa’s singles win streak on main roster of WWE RAW

Kevin Owens ends Solo Sikoa's singles win streak on main roster of WWE RAW
Solo Sikoa lost to Kevin Owens on Monday night Raw in WWE. It was the first loss in a singles match for The Enforcer of The Bloodline since his debut on the main roster against Drew McIntyre on September 9, 2022.

The match on Monday, saw disruptions from Jimmy Uso who joined Sikoa in punishing Owens after the bout was over. But while the duo were beating KO, Master Strategist Sami Zayn came to his rescue. After the Bloodline gang left, Zayn offered his hand in a bid to win over Owens’ friendship for their common fight agaisnt Roman Reigns but KO refused. This incident has left fans speculating about where the Owens-Zayn saga is headed but the chances of the duo coming together has increased substantially.

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Meanwhile, in the other important fight of the night between Jimmy Uso and Zayn, Jey Uso betrayed the Master Strategist. Jey’s loyalty towards the Tribal Chief was under scrutiny since his reluctance thus far in beating Zayn. But on Monday night, Jey joined his brother Jimmy in beating Zayn in the ring. While Zayn was being slammed by the Usos, Cody Rhodes made a grand entry to rescue the former honorary Uce, causing the Bloodline gang to retreat.

Speculations are high that Owens and Zayn might team up eventually for the Undisputed Tag Team title match against the Uso brothers in WrestleMania 39.

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