Joe Biden Is ‘Determined’ to Bring Brittney Griner Home

Joe Biden Is 'Determined' to Bring Brittney Griner Home

WNBA star Brittney Griner has been wrongfully detained in Russia for 265 days.

On Wednesday, Griner’s legal team announced that she was in the process of being transferred to a Russian penal colony to serve her nine-year sentence for alleged drug smuggling. While Griner’s family may not know where she is for some time because “notification is given via official mail and normally takes up to two weeks to be received,” it is well known that Russian penal colonies have far harsher conditions than Griner’s previous jail in Moscow. 

This heartbreaking news sparked reactions from many prominent women’s basketball figures and organizations.

Following BG’s legal team’s announcement, President Joe Biden stated that he is “determined to get her home.”

“My hope is that now that the [midterm elections are] over, that Mr. Putin will be able to discuss with us and be willing to talk more seriously about a prisoner exchange,” Biden said.

U.S. officials made a “serious” offer to Russia to trade for BG’s freedom in June, but the offer was unsuccessful. In a statement Wednesday morning, the White House revealed that despite numerous additional attempts, they had not received a legitimate counteroffer from Russian officials.

“In the subsequent weeks, despite a lack of good faith negotiation by the Russians, the U.S. Government has continued to follow up on that offer and propose alternative potential ways forward with the Russians through all available channels,” it said. “The U.S. Government is unwavering in its commitment to its work on behalf of Brittney and other Americans detained in Russia — including fellow wrongful detainee Paul Whelan.”

“Our primary concern continues to be BG’s health and well-being. As we work through this very difficult phase of not knowing exactly where BG is or how she is doing, we ask for the public’s support in continuing to write letters and express their love and care for her.”

“We are thankful for everyone’s support and hope that as we near nine months of detention, that BG and all wrongfully detained Americans will be shown mercy and returned home to their families for the holidays.”

Now, and every day, we continue to pray for BG and her family. Visit WeAreBG to learn more about what you can do to help.

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