Ire vs Ind – Jasprit Bumrah’s roaring first over on return to international cricket

Ire vs Ind - Jasprit Bumrah's roaring first over on return to international cricket

Jasprit Bumrah returned to international cricket after a year out due to injury, and immediately made an impact. He struck twice in his first over in the first T20I against Ireland, even as the over stared with a boundary. This is how ESPNcricinfo’s ball-by-ball commentary recorded the over.

Bumrah to Balbirnie, FOUR runs
Not a good start for Bumrah, a great start for Balbirnie. Full and straight and just a gentle nudge behind square sees the ball race away as Ireland get off the mark

Bumrah to Balbirnie, OUT
BOOOOOM! Knocks him over! Full outside off, seaming in to take the inside edge onto the stumps as Balbirnie hangs his bat out limply

Lorcan Tucker

Bumrah to Tucker, no run
Length ball seaming in again. Tucker manages to fend this

Bumrah to Tucker, no run
Booming inswinging yorker at 135kph from Bumrah and Tucker manages to jam his bat down to keep that out

Bumrah to Tucker, OUT
Bumrah has another! Tucker goes across to a length ball outside off and he tries to ramp it but manages to just spoon it behind. Easy pickings for Sanju Samson as Bumrah celebrates

Bumrah to Tector, no run
Searing insweinger again, at 132kph, Tector plays it out to cover

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