How Mick Foley convinced The Undertaker for deadly act in ‘Hell in a Cell’ 1998?

How Mick Foley convinced The Undertaker for deadly act in ‘Hell in a Cell’ 1998?
Hell in a Cell matches in WWE have produced some of the most memorable and iconic moments in the history of wrestling. The first Hell in a Cell bout had taken place between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker and it’s been a premier event of WWE calendar ever since.

Fans however, remember the Hell in a Cell match in 1998 between the Undertaker and Mick Foley as the most iconic one. In the bout, The Deadman had thrown off Foley off the top of the structure called ” Hell in a Cell”. It was a very daredevil act by both wrestlers which helped WWE’s popularity in USA shoot through the roof.

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In the latest episode of A&E’s WWE Rivals series, Foley recalled how he had to try hard to convince The Undertaker with the idea.

“Every day I would approach The Undertaker with the idea of starting the match on top of the cell, and every single day he shot it down,” Foley said.

The Undertaker reminisced how he agreed to the idea only after Foley convinced WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon.

“He persisted. He really wanted to take that bump because he felt like it needed it. I end up asking him, ‘Mick, why do you wanna kill yourself?’ It was a serious moment. It got to the point, it was the day of, I [gave] a firm no, and somehow he got to Vince and convinced Vince that it was okay, and then they double-teamed me,” recalled the Undertaker as quoted by Sportskeeda.

The Deadman also applauded Mankind for doing such a death-defying act for the sake of fans.

“That tells you everything you need to know about Mick Foley the sports entertainer. He was willing to put it all on the line so that he could have that match that he wanted. He wanted it for me and he wanted it for the fans, and he’s always been like that. That match is next-level stuff that most people don’t have inside them. It really is incredible,” said the Undertaker as quoted by Sportskeeda.

The Undertaker had emerged as the King of the Ring as he won the 17-minute match after hitting Foley with a Tombstone Piledriver.

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