‘He’d come out with a snake…’: The Undertaker reveals WWE wrestler he feared

'He'd come out with a snake...': The Undertaker reveals WWE wrestler he feared
Legendary WWE wrestler the Undertaker was known for his tall, scary on-screen persona which was a big hit among the fans. He was as scary in the ring too as he was depicted. After all, an undefeated streak of 21 wins in WrestleMania is not an easy feat which can be achieved without sheer domination over other wrestlers.

But was the Undertaker himself scared of any WWE wrestler at any stage of his life? This is a question that has intrigued many of his fans. In a recent interaction with boxing legend Mike Tyson on the latter’s YouTube channel, the Undertaker recalled that The Sheik was one wrestler whom he really feared during his childhood.

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“He(The Sheik) scared the s**t out of me when I was a little kid (…) I don’t know, I was maybe 10 or 11 years old. I was living in Houston, Texas. My mom had got some tickets and The Sheik was coming in to work with somebody. I don’t remember who he was gonna wrestle. Me and my buddy across the street, we were talking mad like, ‘When The Sheik comes down to the ring, we’re gonna jump on the barricade and we’re gonna say this,” recalled the Undertaker.

“Everybody was terrified of him. Sometimes he’d come out with a snake, he threw fire. He was a mess…,” added the former WWE superstar.

Talking further the Undertaker revealed what getting to witness the most fearsome wrestler in his opinion was like for him as a child.

“We got ourselves all psyched up,” The Undertaker continued. “We’re out there, we’re out on the rail, they’re about to come down. We start yelling at him and he makes just a lunge at us. We damn near took out the whole row trying to run because we thought The Sheik was gonna get us, man. We wiped out this old lady. We were hauling a**, trying to get out the way!,” concluded the 57-year-old.

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