Grant Williams Opens Up About the Celtics’ Journey to the Finals

Grant Williams Opens Up About the Celtics' Journey to the Finals

Knowledge is power. It comes in many forms and is learned in various ways; visual knowledge serves NBA players well by watching game film.

Celtics forward Grant Williams used this to his advantage in Boston’s Game 7 win over the Milwaukee Bucks to advance to the ECF. Williams scored 27 points and hit seven threes to help Boston eliminate the then-defending champs.

Williams, per The Long Shot podcast, said his Game 7 performance against the Bucks because he watched Kelly Olynk’s Game 7 outing against the Wizards.

“Channel Kelly,” William said.

Williams also cited how Jaylen Brown shifted the energy in the Celtics locker room with the following saying: “Everything Easter.”

“We used to say Everything Easter. I don’t know where he came up with Everything Easter,” Williams said. “I don’t know what it means — next thing you know, we just kinda rode the wave — maybe (JB) went to a fortune teller, and they told him that.

From January ’22 to the end of the regular season, the Boston Celtics were the best team in the NBA, posting a 34-12 record since the year flipped to 2022, and were the best defensive team in the NBA. Boston would reach the NBA Finals, where they ultimately fell to the Golden State Warriors in six games. Williams would defiantly say that he still feels like Boston was a better team than Golden State.

“When I’ve reflected and looked back to those games,” Williams said per Chris Forsberg. “I still would say confidently — confidently — to this day; they weren’t the better team. I would say they were the more disciplined team. I would say that without a doubt.”

The Celtics will certainly look to return to the NBA Finals this coming season, especially with the additions of Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari in this offseason period. Look for the C’s to run the table again and dominate the Eastern Conference.

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