Full Scorecard of Gloucs vs Lancashire 2022 – Score Report

Full Scorecard of Gloucs vs Lancashire 2022 - Score Report
37.4 to CDJ Dent, lured into a prod outside off, and it’s taken by the juggling second slip! Steven Croft seemed to need two goes at it, but he holds on – and Hasan has made the breakthrough. 119/1

57.1 to MAH Hammond, Hasan gets another! A loose drive and an edge to the keeper! Tempter on a wide line and it brings about a fifth for Lancs, Hammond nicking off after a lengthy vigil. 150/5

57.2 to TC Lace, two in two! Hasan has detonated another! Full and straight from over the wicket, Lace beaten working around his front pad. Steve O’Shaughnessy didn’t take long to make his decision there. First-baller for the Gloster No. 7. 150/6

83.2 to J Shaw, chopped on! Hasan gets his fourth… Shaw reaching away from his body to drive, and the leg bail is dislodged via an inside edge. 238/8

85.5 to JD Warner, five-for Hasan, snapped up a third slip! Second new ball, taken earlier in the over, does the trick – Warner propping forward and Lamb taking a low catch. 240/9

87.6 to AS Dale, spooned to backward point, Hasan finishes the innings with his sixth wicket. Limp prod from Dale and Gloucestershire have been wrapped up. 252/10

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