Evan Fournier Breaks Single-Season Knicks Record For Three-Pointers

Evan Fournier Breaks Single-Season Knicks Record For Three-Pointers

Evan Fournier has officially broken the Knicks’ single-season record for made three-pointers after knocking down four in a 121-106 win over the Hornets.

This season, Fournier has hit 218 three-pointers, passing over Knock great John Starks. When Fournier broke the franchise record, the Hornets were knocking on the door of coming back from a 19-point deficit, cutting the lead to six in the third quarter when Fournier slammed the door shut with a stepback triple from the left-wing that put the Knicks up by nine with just over 90 seconds left.

“Just before that, I had three good looks that I missed off the catch,” Fournier said per New York Post. “I made a joke on the bench I want to hit a good-looking 3 for the record. It just happened I had a good mismatch with [Mason] Plumlee in front of me. He kept backing it up. So I had a wide-open stepback.”

The Knicks’ win over the Hornets broke the Hornets’ five-game winning streak. The win improves the Knicks to 31-42 ahead of their matchup with the Heat (47-26) on Friday. Fournier is on pace to make 246 three-pointers with nine games left in the season.

“I have a lot of emotions. I’m proud, happy,” Fournier said. “I’m thankful for all the assists I got from my teammates. Guys putting me in the situation to break the record. The fact it’s such a big, historical franchise, take the record from John Starks, famous guy, famous player. It’s hard to put words on exactly how I feel, but I’m going to be calling friends and parents. It’s going to be a great night.”

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