Donte DiVincenzo ‘Blown Away’ by Stephen Curry’s Leadership

Donte DiVincenzo ‘Blown Away’ by Stephen Curry's Leadership

Two-way guard Donte DiVincenzo played on the Milwaukee Bucks alongside superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo for three seasons before agreeing to join the Warriors for the 2022-2023 season. DiVincenzo recently spoke on his transfer from an Eastern Conference powerhouse to a Western Conference powerhouse.

“I played with a really dominant, great leader in Milwaukee in Giannis,” DiVincenzo said when talking about the leadership of the Greek Freak and Stephen Curry, per NBC Sports. “And coming here, obviously hearing a bunch about Steph, he’s really shocked me in terms of how down-to-earth as a person, down-to-earth as a leader and as a basketball player, how damn good he is.”

The 25-year-old is “blown away at how great a leader Curry is both on and off the court and how the four-time NBA champion has exceeded all his expectations.”  

DiVincenzo is particularly impressed by Curry’s ability to listen. 

“I think that’s what makes him such a great leader and such a great player because, obviously, he knows other people see different things and he could blow you off at any time, but he doesn’t, and I think that’s the biggest thing as a leader that’s important,” the Villanova product noted.

After straining his left hamstring and watching the Warriors’ 0-5 road trip from his couch, DiVincenzo will likely return to play Friday against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

“It was frustrating not being with the guys,” DiVincenzo said, per East Bay Times. “I knew, selfishly, it was the best thing for me getting back on the court. But I’m all about everyone being together. That was frustrating.”

The Warriors hope DiVincenzo’s veteran presence can boost the struggling bench. The guard averaged 15 minutes in his first three games with the Dubs. Upon returning, he wants to “take the energy to a whole other level” and have a “plus/minus in the energy and be really high on that end.”

On the hardwood, DiVincenzo can help loosen up the scoring load and, hopefully, give Jordan Poole a jumpstart. 

“Not going to come here and try to be a hero on Friday. Just coming in with that second unit and letting Jordan get back to his, letting his mind go free and letting him do his thing,” DiVincenzo said of his role. 

“For me, to keep the offense moving, facilitate everything. So when it comes back to JP, he doesn’t have so much pressure to initiate everything and try to be aggressive scoring the ball. Take a little bit of that load off him.”

DiVincenzo and the Dubs take on the Cleveland Cavaliers tomorrow night in the Bay Area.

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