Brock Lesnar’s opponent in WrestleMania 39, is a shock to the medical world

Brock Lesnar's opponent in WrestleMania 39, is a shock to the medical world
Brock Lesnar will lock horns with Nigerian wrestler Omos at WrestleMania 39. It will be a bout between two titans of the wrestling industry and quite clearly, Lesnar was dwarfed by Omos’ gigantic size when the two came face-to-face on WWE RAW this week.

Brock Lesnar(WWE)
Brock Lesnar(WWE)

During their brief confrontation, Lesnar was at first cautioned by MVP, the manager of Omos.

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“Brock Lesnar, you are a brilliant athlete but a terrible tactician. You made a critical error putting your hands on me last week or two weeks ago. But the worst, the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in your career was accepting a match against the 7’3 inch, 416 pound Nigerian giant Omos at WrestleMania,” said MVP, the manager of Omos.

And then Omos threw Lesnar off the top rope in the ring, to heat things up before the high-voltage encounter at The Show of Shows. A completely enraged The Beast Incarnate then left the arena.

Interestingly, Omos was a basketball player as he played the sport for University of South Florida and Morgan State University. It was during his days at the college that Omos was diagnosed with having a brain tumour. Doctor’s examination of his tumour and testing for the same led them to other peculiar disorders that Omos suffered from.

In an episode of “Out of Character” with host Ryan Satin, Omos had revealed how his medical condition was found out. He had talked about how he had to undergo MRI scan and surgery for his brain tumour.

“Literally a month after the MRI, I had the surgery and they had to go through my nose. It was very, very traumatic… But in the process of doing the testing, they found that not only do I have the pituitary tumor, I had gigantism, I had partial Cushing’s disease [a condition where the the adrenal glands overproduce cortisol] which is very rare… There’s different forms of large human beings, but it’s like different variations, and I had all three combinations — Andre [The Giant] had acromegaly, which is one of them. And I have that. But I had the other three combined with it, so my case was very, very unique. It was the first time in medical history they’d seen someone with all three together. I became this sort of anomaly in the medical world… I had a journal published about me — about my case,” Omos had revealed on the show.

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