Bam Adebayo Calls Defensive Player of the Year Snub ‘Disrespectful’

Bam Adebayo Calls Defensive Player of the Year Snub 'Disrespectful'

After the Miami Heat ended their practice session on Monday, star forward Bam Adebayo found that he was snubbed from being named a finalist for Defensive Player of the Year.

Adebayo seemed to have no idea he was snubbed until assembled media made him aware, per Wes Goldberg. Rudy Gobert, Mikal Bridges, and Marcus Smart earned the spots for DPOY finalists instead.

“Disrespectful,” Adebayo said about being overlooked for DPOY. “I feel like I can do anything that two out of the three can do. Besides, I mean, I can’t teach height. But they all three play on TV more than me. So I would expect that. They get more TV games, and they get more exposure. People like to talk about them more. Don’t nobody want to talk about us. So, it’s whatever at that point.”

Adebayo has also been the lynchpin of a Heat defense that finished the regular season fourth in defensive rating (108.4). Adebayo owns a defensive rating of 104.9. Adebayo finished the regular season averaging 7.6 defensive rebounds and 1.6 steals per game.

Coming into the season, the Suns had 34 nationally televised games scheduled. The Celtics had 32, the Jazz had 26, and the Heat had 22. Miami going 17-9 in the games he missed would also suggest that the Heat’s team defense was a major factor in Adebayo’s success within it.

No. 1 seed Miami will look to build a 2-0 lead when they take on No. 8 seed Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday night.

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